The Brettii and Enotri Museum of Cosenza


The Brettii and Enotri Museum of Cosenza


Fantastic journey in the Brettii and Enotri Museum of Cosenza, from the Museum Children E-book series, that takes the children through an important museum which has of-course a permanent archaeological exhibition, but also a cultural centre which houses temporary exhibitions, concerts and institutional meetings. Here, the combination of archaeology, art and teaching instruments enable the visitor to experience the culture in an innovative and enjoyable way.
Great care has been taken from the graphics on the educational panels to the room lighting in order to create a captivating but also welcoming atmosphere, inside which the Calabrian archaeology, above all that of Cosenza, is on show for those who would like to discover more about our countrys ancient origins.
The building hosts a vast archaeological collection that comes from urban excavations and various locations in the area, which cover a wide time span : from the superior Paleolithic skeletal remains, found in the Cirella caves, to Oinophorus – Roman empire Age ( third century AD )originating from Cosenza.
There is also a collection of documents and memorabilia related to the City’s revival history, which is closely connected to the same complex of Saint Augustine, at that time a Bourbon prison, the last prison of the Bandiera brothers,Attilio and Emilio before they were shot in the nearby Valley of Rovito.



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