Fantastic recipes and tattoos of the historic Calabrian Mafia


Fantastic recipes and tattoos of the historic Calabrian Mafia

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The region of Calabria is a wonderful land full of contrasts, from the wild beauty of its nature to its helpful and hospitable inhabitants and above all, the excellence of its food and wines. These, contrast with its dark history of the Mafia.
The Mafia is renouned for its good taste in food. One of the benefits of being a clan member is Great Cuisine.
After extensive research, Francesco Caravetta, Richard Costanzo and Camillo Gigliotti have brought to the light the Fantastic Recipies prefered by the Mafia Calabrese in one single volume. Inside  are glimpses of Mafia life in relation to their fine cuisine along with an added chapter dedicated to a facet of Mafia life: Tattoos made in Prison!
Discover within these pages the Succulent recipes of Fine cuisine to which the Calabrian Mob is famous and the crimes which made it infamous!
Surprise your friends and family with these delicious and easy to prepare dishes made with all natural ingredients.

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